1. No need of bracket and coupler: Actuator can mount directly on ISO 5211 integral flange on valve body. ISO 5211 mounting pad is most reliable source for standard fitment.
  2. No vibration after long operating period: Even though long operating life, smooth and hassle free results can obtain by non use of bracket and coupler. Stem inserts directly in actuator without use of coupler or any jointing piece.
  3. Actuator will operate on actual torque: Stem inserts directly in slots of actuator gives 100 % positive engagements and operates valves on lower and constant operating torque throughout the entire cycle life.
  4. Easy to install or dismantling actuator: Actuator can be fitted on mounting flange directly by tightening of four bolts only. User friendly procedure can achieve during install or dismantling actuator on ball valves body.
  5. Increase production ration for fast delivery: This design removes unnecessary joints during automation of valves and increase productions with compact, reliable and more economical assemble unit.